Young French Cinema

“Sensuality & intellectual engagement”, “thrilling vibrancy” of “a booming new generation”, “emotional & carefree story-telling” distilling “a blend of style & intensity”... Contemporary French directors have consistently been singled out for praise by the international press in the last few years.

The YOUNG FRENCH CINEMA program is one of the most convenient entry points to their works. For the third year in a row, it offers a selection of today’s best films and filmmakers. Most of the films selected in this program have premiered in 2015/2016 in top international festivals. The program mainly focuses on rising talents, from high-profile independent works to quirky comedies, powerful documentaries on the world we live in today, and exciting shorts.

This Young French Cinema program was made possible with the support of UniFrance and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the U.S.

Swagger (2016)

documentary, world | NR | 1hr 24min

SWAGGER is a beautifully shot, deftly edited documentary about life in the projects of the tough Paris suburb of ...

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  • April 1st
A Young Poet (2014)

drama, world | NR | 1hr 26min

A YOUNG POET is a simple summer tale of a young poet searching for inspiration in a seaside town. With the barest of ...

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  • April 5th
  • April 8th
Les Ogres (2015)

drama, world | NR | 2hr 22min

In Léa Fehner’s exuberant second feature LES OGRES, a struggling traveling theater company overcomes a painful past, ...

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  • April 12th
  • April 15th
A German Youth (2015)

documentary, world | NR | 1hr 33min

Jean-Gabriel Périot’s brilliant debut feature about the traumatic years of German leftist terrorism and unrest is a ...

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  • April 19th
  • April 22nd
Uncompleted Song (2015) with Director

world | NR | 1hr 45min

Movie: Wednesday, April 26 at 7:00PM

special event

  • April 26th
Uncompleted Song (2015)

comedy, world | NR | 1hr 45min

UNCOMPLETED SONG is the hilarious, heartwarming autobiographical tale of leading French rapper Orelsan’s struggle to ...

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  • April 29th
Much Loved (2015)

drama, world | NR | 2hr 09min

While this uncompromising look at the lives of four high-end prostitutes in present-day Marrakesh unleashed a storm of ...

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  • May 3rd
  • May 6th
Tomorrow (2015)

documentary, world | NR | 1hr 30min

Shortly after having her first child, French actress and director Mélanie Laurent, a star of Quentin Tarantino’s ...

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  • May 10th
  • May 13th
Ville-Marie (2015)

drama, world | NR | 1hr 41min

In this powerful study of urban isolation, leading young Canadian writer-director Guy Édouin uses the Ville-Marie ...

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  • May 17th
  • May 20th
Woods Dreams Are Made Of, The (2015)

documentary, world | NR | 2hr 24min

Veteran director Claire Simon reaches a career high with this engaging, constantly surprising documentary on people in ...

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  • May 24th
  • May 27th
Struggle For Life (2016)

comedy, world | NR | 1hr 59min

When thirtysomething deadbeat Marc Châtaigne (played by the irresistible Vincent Macaigne) snags an internship with a ...

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  • May 31st
  • June 3rd
Young French Cinema Shorts Program

animation, comedy, drama, world | 1hr 41min

ALICE (2016), 15 min, drama. – A woman gives birth painfully and pushes the baby out with extreme violence. We ...

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  • June 7th
Spartacus and Cassandra (2014)

documentary, world | 1hr 20min

Spartacus, 13, and his sister Cassandra, 11, are the children of Romani beggars in Paris. When the film begins, they ...

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  • June 14th
  • June 17th