Your independent, non-profit Gateway Film Center invites you to join us for the greatest assembly of Hitchcock movies in history.

Every day in October, a classic Hitchcock feature will be playing at GFC. Every. Day.

Dial M For Murder (1954)

crime, thriller | PG | 1hr 45min

Ex-tennis pro, Tony Wendice (Ray Milland) plots to kill his unfaithful wife Margot (Grace Kelly) but his plan goes ...

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  • October 1st
Strangers On A Train (1951)

crime, thriller | NR | 1hr 41min

“You do my murder, I do yours… Criss cross.” A tennis pro meets a psychotic socialite on a train and ...

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  • October 2nd
The Wrong Man (1956)

crime, drama | NR | 1hr 45min

Normally Hitchcock worked in lush production design, but here the director opts for low key realism in this gritty tale ...

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  • October 5th
Suspicion (1941)

mystery, thriller | NR | 1hr 33min

Sweet, wealthy Joan Fontaine marries charming scoundrel Cary Grant. All is bliss until her groom’s finances go ...

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  • October 8th
The Lodger (1927)

crime, thriller | NR | 1hr 08min

For the first time in our Hitchcocktober celebration, one of Hitch’s silent films! Soon after a married landlord ...

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  • October 10th
To Catch A Thief (1955)

mystery, thriller | NR | 1hr 46min

Cary Grant at his debonair best as cat burglar John Robie now retired to the French Riviera. When a series of thefts ...

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  • October 12th
Rebecca (1940)

mystery, thriller | NR | 2hr 10min

Hitchcock’s first American production based on Daphne du Maurier’s novel. A naive young woman (Joan ...

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  • October 14th
The Birds (1963)

horror, thriller | PG-13 | 1hr 59min

Soon after a beautiful blonde (Tippi Hedren) arrives in a quiet seaside town the birds there turn murderous and start ...

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  • October 15th
Notorious (1946)

drama, romance | NR | 1hr 41min

World weary U.S. government agent, T.R. Devlin (Cary Grant) recruits Alicia Huberman (Ingrid Bergman), daughter of a ...

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  • October 19th
North By Northwest (1959)

adventure, mystery | NR | 2hr 16min

Entertainment of the highest order. Roger O. Thornhill (Guess who? Cary Grant!) mistaken for a government agent is ...

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  • October 21st
Rear Window (1954)

mystery, thriller | NR | 1hr 52min

Wheelchair bound photographer L.B. Jeffries (James Stewart), holed up in his sultry New York City apartment, passes the ...

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  • October 24th
Vertigo (1958)

mystery, thriller | PG | 2hr 8min

While investigating the possible spiritual possession of his friend’s wife, detective Scottie Ferguson (James ...

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  • October 26th
Psycho (1960)

horror, thriller | R | 1hr 49min

The movie that changed everything. In a dizzingly twisted performance, Anthony Perkins plays Norman Bates, the ...

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  • October 29th