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Every Thursday beginning August 12

Gateway Film Center is proud to host a celebration of Bolivian cinema with The Ohio State University Abya Yala Student Organization, with co-sponsorship from the Center for Latin American Studies and other partners. Learn more here.

Screenings are Thursdays at 7:30PM, and a virtual Q&A with the director of each film is held the following day at 5pm via Zoom.

Admission for this series is free, and registration is required to attend the Q&As.

San Antonio (2011) — August 12

Directed by Álvaro Olmos. See full details here.

Lo más Bonito y mis Mejores Años (2005) — August 19

Directed by Martín Boulocq. See full details here.

El Olor de tu Ausencia (2013) — August 26

Directed by Eddy Vasquez. See full details here.

Viejo Calavera (2016) — September 2

Directed by Kiro Russo. See full details here.

Compañía (2019) — September 9

Directed by Miguel Hilari. See full details here.



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