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Poster for Femme Fatalities: We’re All Going to the World’s Fair (2021) with short film
Watch trailer for Femme Fatalities: We’re All Going to the World’s Fair (2021) with short film Watch trailer

Femme Fatalities: We’re All Going to the World’s Fair (2021) with short film

Opens on May 15

Director: Jane Schoenbrun Run Time: 86 min. Rating: NR Release Year: 2022

Starring: Anna Cobb, Michael J Rogers

Country: United States
Language: English

Femme Fatalities

An amazing selection of horror feature and short films made by women, curated by filmmakers Jenn Wexler and Hope Madden.

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Schoenbrun’s We’re All Going to the World’s Fair (2021) is presented with their short film Lucy Dacus: Night Shift (2023).

About the film:

Alone in her attic bedroom, teenager Casey becomes immersed in an online role-playing horror game, wherein she begins to document the changes that may or may not be happening to her.

“It’s a strong debut for both Schoenbrun and Cobb, capturing a profound sense of contemporary adolescent loneliness that many artists have tried (and failed) to portray on screen.”

—Hannah Strong for Little White Lies

Writer-director Jane Schoenbrun’s debut feature had its World Premiere at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival, and Gateway Film Center presented the Midwest Premiere as part of Nightmares Film Festival in October 2021.

About the filmmaker:

Writer-director Jane Schoenbrun is a non-binary filmmaker and writer dedicated to making and supporting personal, queer cinema. A champion for emerging storytellers, they served as Senior Film Lead at Kickstarter and Associate Director of Programming for IFP, and have produced numerous projects, including the 2016 SXSW selection collective:unconscious, the variety show The Eyeslicer featuring experimental content from over 100 indie filmmakers, Aaron Schimberg’s 2018 award-winning feature Chained for Life, and Beth Einhorn and Bridey Elliott’s 2020 Sundance selection The Starr Sisters.

No stranger to creepypasta — online horror storytelling — that can blur the line between fiction and reality, Schoenbrun previously directed A Self-Induced Hallucination, a 2018 archival documentary on the Slender Man mythos and the relationship of art and fiction. After premiering at Sundance, their debut feature We’re All Going to the World’s Fair (2021) screened at the Film Center during Nightmares Film Fest 2021 before returning for a theatrical run the following year. Their follow-up feature, I Saw the TV Glow (2024), premiered in Midnight section at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival to glowing reviews.

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