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The Irishman

Opens on September 6

Director: Martin Scorsese Run Time: 209 min. Rating: R Release Year: 2019

Starring: Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, Ray Romano, Robert De Niro, Stephen Graham

Country: United States, France
Language: English

Screening as part of Mondays with Marty

About the film:

Martin Scorsese’s most recent hit returns to the Film Center! Nominated for 10 Academy Awards, The Irishman marks his ninth collaboration with De Niro.

Pennsylvania, 1956. Frank Sheeran, a war veteran of Irish origin who works as a truck driver, accidentally meets mobster Russell Bufalino. Once Frank becomes his trusted man, Bufalino sends him to Chicago with the task of helping Jimmy Hoffa, a powerful union leader related to organized crime, with whom Frank will maintain a close friendship for nearly twenty years.

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