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Poster for The Happiness of the Katakuris (2001)
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The Happiness of the Katakuris (2001)

Opens on April 18

Director: Takashi Miike Run Time: 113 min. Rating: R Release Year: 2002

Starring: Keiko Matsuzaka, Kenji Sawada, Kiyoshiro Imawano, Naomi Nishida, Shinji Takeda

Country: Japan
Language: Japanese

Presented as part of Mammoth Mondays, a new extension of Cult 101. Restoration courtesy of Arrow Video and the American Genre Film Archive.

About the film:

“A go-for-broke animation-comedy-fantasy-horror-musical spectacle”

Slant Magazine

From Takashi Miike, the prolific director of genre milestones Audition and Ichi the Killer, comes The Happiness of the Katakuris—a movie that can best be described as The Sound of Music meets Dawn of the Dead. Guests are turning up dead at a peaceful country inn owned by the Katakuris family. To keep bad word of mouth from spreading, the Katakuris chop up and bury the guests. But that’s only the beginning of their problems. Featuring grotesque stop motion animation, surreal musical numbers, and gore-lusting zombies, The Happiness of the Katakuris stands tall as one of the most unique, bizarre, and satisfying horror-comedies ever made.

About the filmmaker:

Takashi Miike spent almost a decade working in television before becoming an assistant director in film. During the first stage of his career, Miike mostly directed low-budget films for the Japanese direct-to-video market. His cinematic debut, Shinjuku Triad Society (1995) gained a nomination from the Director’s Guild of Japan, and its extremely violent depiction of underworld gang wars would become a recurring theme in his work. Miike is known for his huge productivity; he has made over 100 films. Audition, his international breakthrough, won the international film critics’ award at the Rotterdam film festival in 2000.

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