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The Disrupted

Director: Josh Gleason, Sarah Colt Run Time: 88 min.

“An extremely relevant social portrait of USA.”

DOKfest München

About the film:

Even before the COVID-19 outbreak fundamentally changed the global financial landscape, there were economic casualties. People fell through the cracks, didn’t land in safety nets or lived in constant insecurity.

The Disrupted follows three of these people: a multi-generational Kansas farmer trying to save his farm, an Ohio father laid off from a factory job, and a driver in Florida struggling to cobble together a living. Their stories of resilience and struggle ultimately expose the cracks in the American dream.

About the filmmakers:

Director-producers Sarah Colt and Josh Gleason bring to life the forces that shape America. Since founding Sarah Colt Productions a decade ago, Colt has directed and produced numerous projects, including the Emmy-nominated Walt Disney. Before filmmaking, Gleason reported and produced radio stories for “This American Life” and NPR. His production credits include the innovative political docuseries The Circus.

Colt and Gleason previously collaborated on the short documentary True Believer (2019) which followed an evangelical pastor’s grassroots campaign for Congress and highlighted the barriers that prevent average Americans from running for office.

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