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Poster for The Dark and the Wicked
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The Dark and the Wicked

Opens on November 6

Director: Bryan Bertino Run Time: 95 min. Rating: NR

Starring: Marin Ireland, Michael Abbott Jr., Xander Berkeley

About the film:

Official Selection of Fantasia Film Festival.

After a long absence, two siblings return home to say their final goodbyes to their dying father, and they quickly notice something off about their mother. As their own grief begins to take shape, they find themselves succumbing to a similar darkness.

“Bertino has a knack for evoking suspense and menace just by having people stand at the doorway.”

Maggie Lee, Variety

About the filmmaker:

Before writer, director and producer Bryan Bertino was terrifying audiences with his distinct brand of horror, he was a University of Texas cinematography student who moved to Los Angeles. While working as a grip on a micro-budget movie, he pitched a screenplay to Rogue Media and was asked to direct despite his inexperience. This project became his 2008 directorial debut The Strangers starring Liv Tyler and was nominated at the Fright Meter Awards for Best Screenplay and Best Director. Since then, Bertino has continued to unnerve us with moments of real fear.

Adding authenticity to the set of the The Dark and the Wicked, Bertino returned to his hometown in Texas to film on his parents’ very own farm.

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