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Poster for The Burning Sea (2022)
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The Burning Sea (2022)

Opens on February 25

Director: John Andreas Andersen Run Time: 104 min. Rating: PG-13 Release Year: 2021

Starring: Anders Baasmo Christiansen, Bjørn Floberg, Henrik Bjelland, Kristine Kujath Thorp, Rolf Kristian Larsen

Country: Norway
Language: Norwegian

About the film:

In 1969, the Norwegian government announced their discovery of one of the world’s largest oil fields, launching a prosperous period of offshore drilling. 50 years later, an oil platform dramatically goes down, and a team of researchers, including submarine operator Sofia, rushes in to search for the missing and assess the cause of the damage. What they discover is that this is just the start of a possible apocalyptic catastrophe.

About the filmmaker:

John Andreas Anderson is a Norwegian director and cinematographer. Along with helming his own projects — like his first solo feature, the sequel to Roar Uthaug’s acclaimed film The Wave entitled The Quake —Anderson has worked behind the camera on award-winning films like Morten Tyldum’s Headhunters, Marius Holst’s King of Devil’s Island, Morten Tyldum’s Buddy, and Uno, which he co-directed with Askel Hennie.

Anderson’s latest epic disaster film, The Burning Sea, was co-written by Harald Rosenløw Eeg, who also penned both The Quake and The Wave, and Lars Gudmestad, who penned Headhunters.

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