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Poster for NFF23: Recurring Nightmares B

NFF23: Recurring Nightmares B

Opens on October 28

Run Time: 96.5 min.

NFF alumni return with new short films presented as part of Nightmares Film Festival 2023

Saint-Sacrifice | Run Time: 14.5 min. | A widower is faced with losing his soul to be reunited with his wife on the other side.

Candor | Run Time: 2 min. | A woman opens up to the man she just spent the evening with.

Influence | Run Time: 9.75 min. | When a meeting with a potential sponsor is unexpectedly interrupted, the dark reality of an influencer’s home life is exposed.

#Pizzagate | Run Time: 6 min. | The United States of Conspiracy.

Ride Baby Ride | Run Time: 7.5 min. | This Camaro was her dream car. Now it’s her nightmare.

A Suit and a Straight Razor | Run Time: 11.75 min. | Amanda’s is trying to move on from the death of her mother when an otherworldly Stranger enters her home, bearing a … let’s call it a “gift.”

Filet De Femme | Run Time: 3.5 min. | A visceral submerging into the experience women have been braving since the dawn of time.

Three Baths | Run Time: 7 min. | A woman must take three baths to get rid of a malevolent spirit that appears to be moving ever closer to her.

The Ossan | Run Time: 11.75 min. | When her wealthy older husband dies, a young woman finds herself alone in his mansion with his two dangerously resentful teen-aged sons.

Remembered | Run Time: 7.5 min. | Two young girls meander down a well-worn path of memories and lost dreams.

Engram | Run Time: 6.5 min. | A dog experiences auditory hallucinations of his master after coming in contact with an alien entity.

Fed | Run Time: 8.75 min. | A talented but arrogant young chef meets her match when a mysteriously implacable food critic visits her restaurant.

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