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Poster for NFF23: Ohio Shorts

NFF23: Ohio Shorts

Opens on October 29

Run Time: 110 min.

Locally made short films presented as part of Nightmares Film Festival 2023

Thingamajig | Run Time: 28 min. | Only the light can keep one man safe from what lies in the darkness—until it starts to flicker.

The Hanover Incident | Run Time: 13 min. | Set in rural Ohio in 1997 and inspired by the supernatural classics of that era, we explore the crossroads where the ordinary meets the extraordinary.

Susi Q, Where Are You? | Run Time: 15.75 min. | A group of friends go looking for the missing high school sweetheart, Susie Q.

Tied Down | Run Time: 5 min.

Deadly Reunion | Run Time: 10.75 min. | When a long-lost identical twin suddenly returns, a promising author must fight for her perfect life before her twin erases it all.

I’m Going to Kill You | Run Time: 12 min. | A woman finds a man with murderous intention in her home.

Bedbugs Ate My Dreams | Run Time: 13 min. | An exterminator subjects a man to increasingly bizarre and invasive procedures to combat dream-eating bedbugs.

Partnr | Run Time: 12.25 min. | When her bionic boyfriend proposes, Jackie is thrilled—until a chance encounter with another human shows her how messy love can be.

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