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Poster for NFF23: Horror Shorts C

NFF23: Horror Shorts C

Opens on October 27

Run Time: 98 min.

Tales of terror and death presented as part of Nightmares Film Festival 2023

Lure | Run Time: 20 min. | A young man working on a remote farm begins to suspect something deeply disturbing is happening involving the farmer and his daughter.

Honeymoon at Cold Hollow | Run Time: 14 min. | In the winter of 1974, newlyweds snowed in at an isolated wilderness experience mankind’s true evil.

Baby Fever | Run Time: 25.75 min. | A popular teen’s prom queen dream is threatened when she discovers she is pregnant with something even worse than a dumb jock’s offspring.

Get Away | Run Time: 15.5 min. | Friends at a remote desert vacation rental discover play a mysterious VHS tape and discover terrifying coincidences.

No Overnight Parking | Run Time: 10 min. | A woman fleeing from her abusive husband gets locked in an underground parking garage with a masked killer on the hunt for blood.

Skin Deep | Run Time: 12.5 min. | On the last night of summer in a sleepy seaside town, an insecure young woman finally reveals her true self to her crush.

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