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Poster for NFF23: Horror Shorts B

NFF23: Horror Shorts B

Opens on October 27

Run Time: 97 min.

Tales of terror and death presented as part of Nightmares Film Festival 2023

Caustic | Run Time: 22 min. | Mother and daughter discover a terrifying cure for the mother’s paralysis.

Lands of Steel | Run Time: 14 min. | A mindless robot experiences genocide in an apocalyptic world.

Lake Sunshine 1989 | Run Time: 13.75 min. | An unexpected phone call forever changes the lives of two best friends on a cabin trip to Lake Sunshine.

Hims | Run Time: 16 min. | A single mother struggling to adjust to life after divorce discovers an evil entity living in her young daughter’s bedroom.

The Queue | Run Time: 11.25 min. | An internet content moderator confronts the darkness within the videos he screens.

Filter | Run Time: 9.75 min. | A young woman with body dysmorphia is stalked by a sinister presence in a facetuning Instagram filter.

Cover Your Ears | Run Time: 10 min. | Every night, two sisters practice a strange routine to avoid something unspeakable inside their home.

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