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Poster for NFF23: Horror Shorts A

NFF23: Horror Shorts A

Opens on October 26

Run Time: 97 min.

Tales of terror and death presented as part of Nightmares Film Festival 2023

Abominations | Run Time: 14.25 min. | A dark infatuation begins to fracture the bond between a man and his unusual companion.

Safe | Run Time: 10 min. | Somewhere in the US, a family hears an unsettling bump in the night.

Gnaw | Run Time: 7.25 min. | A pesky hangnail results in unsettling terror.

Alicia | Run Time: 6 min. | A young girl who has recently gone blind believes an old woman lives in her room.

Red Velvet | Run Time: 14 min. | With the apocalypse nigh, a lonely man calls an escort.

Janelle’s Baby | Run Time: 10 min. | An infertile woman will do anything to create life.

Night Work | Run Time: 8.25 min. | A new mother working late finds she is not alone in her house.

All Your Women Things | Run Time: 13 min. | Lingerie designer Anna discovers a grotesque source of inspiration.

Bookworm | Run Time: 13.75 min. | In 1979 Spain, an aspiring writer’s obessesion with a ghost turns terrifying.

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