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Poster for NFF23: Horror Comedy Shorts

NFF23: Horror Comedy Shorts

Opens on October 26

Run Time: 95 min.

Tales of terror, death, and humor presented as part of Nightmares Film Festival 2023

Hide Your Crazy | Run Time: 13.75 min. | A young man’s surprise birthday dinner for his girlfriend leads to the most frightful night of their lives.

Good Looking Out | Run Time: 2 min. | Getting lost on their drive leads Claire and Steven toward a darker destination.

Cut Me If You Can | Run Time: 21.25 min. | Stuck in the loop of a horror B-movie, two black stereotyped characters decide to fuck up the script, but the film has other plans.

The Management | Run Time: 13.5 min. | A lost tourist just wants a good old soy milk pumpkin spice latte. But something else is waiting in the back room.

Waka Chicka Waka | Run Time: 4.5 min. | Two young women hire a skeezy plumber to fix their kitchen sink.

Thin Skinned | Run Time: 13.75 min. | Two hidden camera pranksters infiltrate a funeral home, unaware that the mortician they’ve targeted has a dark secret of his own.

Batshit Crazy | Run Time: 14 min. | A Northeastern Indian man, assaulted by some racist thugs, discovers getting help can really suck.

Under My Bed | Run Time: 5 min. | A cowardly 9 year old tries to avoid being eaten by the monster under his bed by pretending to be a famous talk show host.

Suction | Run Time: 7.5 min. | A young woman is pitted against a demonic vacuum hellbent on tearing her perfect home apart.

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