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Poster for NFF22: Thriller Shorts C

NFF22: Thriller Shorts C

Opens on October 23

Run Time: TBD min. Rating: NR

Six tales of dark suspense presented as part of Nightmares Film Festival 2022

The Overkill | Run Time: 16.75 min. | A man experiences a proposal to die for — over and over again.

Moonstruck | Run Time: 12.5 min. | A mother tries to figure out what is happening to her family when she’s awakened by a terrifying emergency alert.

Alternate Games | Run Time: 20 min. | A heartbroken man uses an old walkie talkie to gamble his life for a chance to have his lovesick memories erased.

Sanzu | Run Time: 10.5 min. | In a near future where a drug allows anyone to experience a stranger’s death, a terminally ill man makes a difficult choice.

Victim No. 6 | Run Time: 21.75 min. | In 1975 New York City, a woman invites a stranger back to her place despite knowing a serial killer is on the loose.

The Tunnel | Run Time: 18 min. | A couple plagued by hate crimes moves into a new home, where they discover an underground tunnel that dilates time.

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