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Poster for NFF22: Recurring Nightmares A

NFF22: Recurring Nightmares A

Opens on October 21

Run Time: 98 min. Rating: NR

Ten audience favorites return with new shorts presented as part of Nightmares Film Festival 2022

Pumpkin Boy | Run Time: 1.5 min. | Witness the birth of … Pumpkin Boy.

Fame Fatale | Run Time: 20.5 min. | A gay, middle-aged actor visits a horror convention to take his mind off losing a role, but one more rejection might make him snap.

Ta-Da! – PART 1 | Run Time: 2.5 min. | A mediocre magician saves his best trick …

Hobby Night | Run Time: 2.25 min. | A family man tries to conceal his double life.

The Silent Boy | Run Time: 11 min. | Tragedy strikes a family when a boy discovers a mysterious wooden box.

Ta-Da! – PART 2 | Run Time: 1 min. | … for last.

They Are Not Human | Run Time: 20.25 min. | A trans woman and her roommate are terrorized when they join a group of queer childhood friends on a weekend getaway.

Penny | Run Time: 16 min. | A chef looking for love fights dark impulses as memories of her mentally ill mother bleed into the present.

Moonlight Sonata, with Scissors | Run Time: 8 min. | A reluctant young woman agrees to help a former criminal associate dispose of a dead body, with unexpected results.

A Siren’s Song | Run Time: 14.25 min. | After having sex for the first time, a teenage girl makes a shocking discovery about her true nature.

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