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Poster for NFF22: Never Play with Your Food

NFF22: Never Play with Your Food

Opens on October 22

Run Time: 63 min. Rating: NR

New shorts block presented as part of Nightmares Film Festival 2022

Meat Friend | Run Time: 8.5 min. | A sentient ex-con pile of hamburger meat teaches after-school lessons to a child.

Mayo Choco Nightmare | Run Time: 4.25 min. | When Peeley takes a bet to eat healthier than his monstrous favorite sandwich, things go a different way.

Domestic Bliss | Run Time: 10.5 min. | A woman with a surprise up her sleeve hopes to get a commitment-phobic man to propose.

Velma | Run Time: 14.5 min. | Velma’s attempts to find love and affirmation seem to always end in a split.

The Barn | Run Time: 18.25 min. | Following the disappearance of his sister, a man is haunted by increasingly disturbing dreams of raw chicken.

Nasty | Run Time: 7.25 min. | The weird girl in class invites the hottest guy in school to her fruity dinner party.

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