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Poster for NFF22: Midnight Shorts C

NFF22: Midnight Shorts C

Opens on October 22

Run Time: 97 min. Rating: NR

Eight tales of the weird and bizarre presented as part of Nightmares Film Festival 2022

Bury Your Fish | Run Time: 15.5 min. | A young woman, desperate to rediscover purpose in life, takes guidance from a flashing light a block away.

Leave the Baby Outside | Run Time: 7.5 min. | A surreal encounter between a weary young father and a mysterious old woman in a window will change both of their lives forever.

O | Run Time: 14.5 min. | The circle of addiction is everywhere.

Qu’est-ce Que Tu Fais Dans+ | Run Time: 5.25 min. | A demonic summoning ritual, as performed by the Samhain Swim Team.

Love is a Fire | Run Time: 12 min. | A couple’s confrontation of their intimacy challenges is exacerbated by a toxic yeast infection.

Ursus | Run Time: 16 min. | After a traumatic experience, a woman undergoes a primal transformation while camping with her partner.

Lighter | Run Time: 9.5 min. | Three idiots lose a lighter.

Loveseat | Run Time: 16 min. | A couch-obsessed furniture salesman begins breaking into a couple’s home after they purchase his one true love.

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