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Poster for NFF22: Midnight Shorts B

NFF22: Midnight Shorts B

Opens on October 21

Run Time: 100 min. Rating: NR

Eight tales of the weird and bizarre presented as part of Nightmares Film Festival 2022

Widow | Run Time: 9 min. | A grieving shut-in finds herself stuck between life and death.

The Blood of the Dinosaurs | Run Time: 17.75 min. | Uncle Bobbo teaches children where oil comes from.

Pest | Run Time: 3.5 min. | You wake up to the sound of knocking from inside your closet.

Buddymovie | Run Time: 11.75 min. | Two old friends reunite in the wilderness, where an angry warehouse holds court.

Tistlebu | Run Time: 18 min. | An urban couple hoping to connect with nature at Tistlebu farm are changed forever by a primordial force.

Pretty Pickle | Run Time: 12.5 min. | A young man’s obsession with one of his girlfriend’s quirks leads him to a troubling discovery.

Bad Acid | Run Time: 6.5 min. | Toxic hair gel sends an aerobics fanatic on a psychedelic foray into the dangerous world of an workout cult leader.

When She Was Good | Run Time: 21 min. | When a young girl discovers that Santa is not real, she questions the lies told by adults and the terrible secret that she has been forced to keep.

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