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Poster for NFF22: Horror Shorts B

NFF22: Horror Shorts B

Opens on October 21

Run Time: 97 min. Rating: NR

Seven tales of terror, death, and humor presented as part of Nightmares Film Festival 2022

Keep the Light On | Run Time: 13 min. | A man finds something from his family’s troubled past lurking in the darkness of his estranged brother’s home.

Marked | Run Time: 13.25 min. | A young woman must find a way to remove a contraceptive implant that is driving her violently insane.

Death in a Box | Run Time: 11.75 min. | Two girls discover an otherworldly box that threatens their friendship — and so much more.

Black Dragon | Run Time: 14.75 min. | Vietnam, 1968: An American colonel faces his inner darkness when his platoon captures Vietcong girl with unusual powers. Starring Matthew Del Negro (Scandall, Sopranos).

Fishwife | Run Time: 17.25 min. | In wild 18th century Britain, a lonely woman discovers that her menstrual cycle is of interest to a stranger.

The Trunk | Run Time: 14.25 min. | A father and daughter find that the chained chest they’ve discovered was locked up for a reason.

Otherkin | Run Time: 12.25 min. | A young woman hoping to connect with her estranged birth parents learns they’re weirdly obsessed with foxes.

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