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Poster for NFF22: Horror Shorts A

NFF22: Horror Shorts A

Opens on October 20

Run Time: 99 min. Rating: NR

Six tales of terror and death presented as part of Nightmares Film Festival 2022

Repression | Run Time: 12.25 min. | A sexual predator roams the streets of Sydney in search of young Asian men.

Larvae | Run Time: 30 min. | In 1909 Turin, an investigator meets the challenge of an illusionist to disprove the supernatural caused a heinous crime.

7 Minutes in Hell | Run Time: 13.75 min. | A game of 7 Minutes In Heaven turns deadly when two teens are attacked by a monster in the closet.

We Wanted Children | Run Time: 15 min. | After some bad news, a woman grows concerned by her husband’s increasingly strange behavior.

Seaborne | Run Time: 6 min. | A young mother discovers the invaders in her ocean-side home have risen from the sea.

Unbidden | Run Time: 22 min. | A family vacationing in the country are haunted by grief and fear when a mysterious boy arrives from the woods around them.

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