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Poster for NFF22: Animated Nightmares

NFF22: Animated Nightmares

Opens on October 21

Run Time: 58 min. Rating: NR

New shorts block presented as part of Nightmares Film Festival 2022

Art House | Run Time: 5.25 min. | An unassuming couple looking for some art-house entertainment is immersed in a new kind of film experience.

Self-Actualization of the Werewolf Woman | Run Time: 4 min. | A werewolf thinks she has her life figured out until a chance encounter changes her mind.

Kerplunky! | Run Time: 5 min. | Isolation. Tooth decay. Alcoholism. Kerplunky!

The Forest King | Run Time: 20 min. | A young boy’s desire for success and status in a VR game leads him into a terrifying new reality.

In the Big Yard Inside the Pocket | Run Time: 6.75 min. | A charming animation rhyme that weaves together many days of observing, recording, and experimenting.

Kamathipura | Run Time: 6.75 min. | A twenty-year-old virgin encounters a mythical creature who turns his first sexual encounter on its head.

Reel Trouble | Run Time: 6.25 min. | Strange things start to happen when two friends uncover a lost animated film from the 1930s

Pox | Run Time: 3.75 min. | In a burned out shack in the great American dust bowl, a pox rages through a pioneer family.

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