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My Rembrandt (2019)

Opens on January 22

Director: Oeke Hoogendijk Run Time: 97 min. Rating: NR Language: English, Dutch, French

Starring: Duke of Buccleuch, Eric de Rothschild, Jan Six, Thomas S. Kaplan

Country: Netherlands
Language: English, Dutch and French with English subtitles

Presented in the Virtual Screening Room in partnership with Strand Releasing and featuring a community partnership with the Columbus Museum of Art.

“An enchanting glimpse behind the curtain of this privileged universe, and also a deep dive into an art mystery that rocked Rembrandt fans across the globe.” 

Vancouver International Film Festival

About the film:

Official Selection of International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam

Widely considered one of history’s greatest painters, Rembrandt’s works have been studied and celebrated for centuries, coveted by national museums and personal collectors. The discovery of possible newly attributed paintings sparks a worldwide frenzy, and when an aristocrat puts two of his paintings up for sale, the Rijksmuseum in the Netherlands and the Louvre in France go head-to-head in a political battle for ownership.

This new documentary explores the motives of these elite members of the art world, focusing on the struggle for status or national pride, and what makes the work of this Dutch master painter feel so personal.

About the filmmaker:

Internationally acclaimed filmmaker Oeke Hoogendijk worked as a theatre director for several years before she began crafting documentaries revealing the cultural and political impacts of history and art in the modern world.

Her first two projects center on the legacy of the Holocaust. Her debut feature The Saved explores the experiences of notable Dutch Jews selected to survive, first at a castle in the Netherlands and then through the horrors at Auschwitz. Her second film The Holocaust Experience examines the differing narratives used to memorialize the past at institutions around the world.

Her project The New Rijksmuseum followed the ten-year renovation of the world-famous art and history museum in Amsterdam, originally as a four-part series and then as an award-winning feature film in 2014.

In 2016, she began researching the significance of Rembrandt’s legacy in our times. Hear more about the Rembrandt-enthusiasts in the film from Hoogendijk in conversation with art critic Murray White of The Boston Globe.

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