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Poster for Mother, May I? (2023)
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Mother, May I? (2023)

Opens on July 21

Director: Laurence Vannicelli Run Time: 99 min. Release Year: 2023

Starring: Chris Mulkey, Daphne Gaines, Holland Roden, Kyle Gallner, Michael Giannone

Country: United States
Language: English


About the film:

World Premiere, 2022 Brooklyn Horror Film Festival

With the most twisted depiction of a couple in crisis in which the power dynamics are ever-shifting, Mother, May I? (2023) is a psychological thriller about who we think we are and who we pretend to be.

Emmett wants to sell his recently deceased mother’s house, but lingering memories of childhood abuse soon emerge when he and his fiancé Anya stay the night. Anya convinces him to take mushrooms to get him to let go. But something strange happens while they’re tripping: she starts behaving like his mother. The next morning, he wakes up sober, but she still won’t drop the act. Anya loves playing games — is she taking it too far, or is it something more sinister?

“uses the tropes and tricks of a supernatural chiller in order to ask bigger questions”

—Douglas Davidson, Elements of Madness

About the filmmaker:

Laurence Vannicelli is an Italian-American writer and director. He premiered his debut feature film Mother, May I? (2023) at the 2022 Brooklyn Horror Film Festival. He co-wrote the breakout SXSW Film Festival hit Porno (2019), which was also selected at the Sitges – Catalonian International Film Festival. He holds a BA in Art-Semiotics from Brown University and an MFA in Film directing from Columbia University. His short film The Young Housefly (2013) was nominated for a Student Academy Award. His other short films include Open Air (2010), Aimless (2011), and Body of Crime (2014).

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