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Poster for Cult 101: Labyrinth (1986) 4K Restoration
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Cult 101: Labyrinth (1986) 4K Restoration

Dates with showtimes for Cult 101: Labyrinth (1986) 4K Restoration
  • Fri, Sep 20
  • Sat, Sep 21
  • Sun, Sep 22

Director: Jim Henson Run Time: 102 min. Rating: PG Release Year: 1986

Starring: Christopher Malcolm, David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly, Shelley Thompson, Toby Froud

Country: United Kingdom, United States
Language: English

Cult 101 at Gateway Film Center

A celebration of the best cult films of all time.

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About the film:

Directed by the visionary Jim Henson and executive produced by George Lucas, Labyrinth (1986) is a stirring fairy tale and wonder of puppetry. Starring the legendary David Bowie, the fantastic, musical adventure helped define a generation.

Frustrated with babysitting on yet another weekend night, Sarah (Jennifer Connelly), a teenager with an active imagination, summons the Goblins to take her baby stepbrother away. When her fantasy comes true, a distraught Sarah must enter a maze of illusion to bring Toby back from a kingdom inhabited by mystical creatures and governed by the wicked Goblin King (Bowie).

About the filmmaker:

Jim Henson, an extraordinary artist and visionary, invented unique worlds and characters that remain just as vivid, original and fresh today as when they were created. A television pioneer, an innovator in puppetry, technology and visual arts, and a performer who literally brought to life some of the most memorable characters ever, Henson’s impact on entertainment, education and culture continues to this day. He achieved worldwide notice as the creator of The Muppets and Fraggle Rock (1983–1987), his work with Sesame Street, and as director of the feature films The Dark Crystal (1982) followed by Labyrinth (1986), which had a screenplay from Terry Jones of Monty Python with contributions from Henson, George Lucas, Laura Phillips, and Elaine May.

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