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Poster for Kill (2024)
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Kill (2024)

Opens on July 5

Director: Nikhil Nagesh Bhat Run Time: 115 min. Rating: NR Release Year: 2024

Country: India, United States
Language: Hindi

About the film:

World Premiere, 2023 Toronto International Film Festival

When army commando Amrit finds out his true love Tulika is engaged against her will, he boards a New Delhi-bound train in a daring quest to derail the arranged marriage. But when a gang of knife-wielding thieves led by the ruthless Fani begin to terrorize innocent passengers on his train, Amrit takes them on himself in a death-defying kill-spree to save those around him—turning what should have been a typical commute into an adrenaline-fueled thrill ride.

Does it qualify as ‘excessive’ if the audience keeps clamoring for more?”

—Peter Debruge, Variety

About the filmmaker:

Nikhil Nagesh Bhat is a prominent Indian writer and director. His directorial debut Salunn (2009) premiered at the Cairo Film Festival in 2009 and won the Golden Ace Award for Special Cinematic Experience at the Las Vegas Film Festival. in 2017, Bhat directed the film Long Live Brij Mohan for Netflix. Shortly after shooting his most recent film Kill (2024), Bhat directed survival thriller movie Apurva (2023) for Disney+/Hotstar and Cine1 in India; it premiered this fall and was the number one movie on the service.

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