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Poster for Fantastic Fungi (2019) 5th Anniversary Screenings
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Fantastic Fungi (2019) 5th Anniversary Screenings

Opens on April 12

Director: Louie Schwartzberg Run Time: 81 min. Rating: NR Release Year: 2019

Starring: Andrew Weil, Brie Larson, Michael Pollan, Paul Stamets, Roland Griffiths

Country: United States
Language: English

About the film:

Join us as we celebrate five years of Fantastic Fungi (2019), a cinematic adventure into the heart of nature, and discover the hidden wonders of the fungal kingdom. When so many are struggling for connection, inspiration and hope, Fantastic Fungi brings us together as interconnected creators of our world.

Director Louie Schwartzberg’s consciousness-shifting film takes us on an immersive journey through time and scale into the magical earth beneath our feet, an underground network that can heal and save our planet. Through the eyes of renowned scientists and mycologists like Paul Stamets, best-selling authors Michael Pollan, Eugenia Bone, Andrew Weil and others, we become aware of the beauty, intelligence and solutions the fungi kingdom offers us in response to some of our most pressing medical, therapeutic, and environmental challenges.

Originally released in 2019, Fantastic Fungi quickly dazzled critics and moviegoers worldwide with its stunning visuals, captivating storytelling, and enlightening exploration of the interconnectedness of all life forms. Celebrating five years, this new edition features enhanced visuals and sound, allowing viewers to immerse themselves fully in the breathtaking beauty and awe-inspiring wonder of the fungal kingdom.

“We need to rediscover the joy of togetherness on the big screen with one another, emphasizing the vital role of connection in our well-being. Fantastic Fungi cinematic experience connects us to the wonders and beauty of nature; it inspires us to protect our one and only home.”

—Director Louie Schwartzberg

About the filmmaker:

Louie Schwartzberg is an award-winning cinematographer, director and producer who has spent his notable career providing breathtaking imagery using his pioneering time-lapse, high-speed and macro cinematography techniques. He is a visual artist who breaks barriers, connects with audiences, and tells stories that celebrate life and reveal the mysteries and wisdom of nature, people, and places. His work includes the 3D IMAX film Mysteries of the Unseen World (2013) for National Geographic, Wings of Life (2011) for Disneynature, America’s Heart and Soul (2004) for Walt Disney Studios, the 2014 Netflix series Moving Art and feature film Fantastic Fungi (2019).

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