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Poster for Charlotte (2022)
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Charlotte (2022)

Opens on April 29

Director: Éric Warin, Tahir Rana Run Time: 96 min. Rating: NR Release Year: 2021

Starring: Hanneke Talbot, Jean-Michel Le Gal, Keira Knightley, Raoul Bhaneja, Scott McCord

Country: Canada, France, Belgium
Language: English, French

About the film:

World premiere at the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival. Tracing the last 10 years in the brief life of German-Jewish painter Charlotte Salomon, the animated biopic deals head-on with depression and suicide as well as the Nazis’ genocidal war.

Growing up in Berlin on the eve of the Second World War, Charlotte is fiercely imaginative and deeply gifted, but her dreams of becoming an artist are disrupted when anti-Semitic policies inspire violent mobs. She escapes to the safety of the South of France, but her work there is interrupted by a family tragedy that reveals an even darker secret. Believing that only an extraordinary act will save her, she embarks on the monumental adventure of painting her life story.

“The movie, like its central figure, finds light amid soul-testing darkness, dislocation and oppressive uncertainty.”

—Sheri Linden for The Hollywood Reporter

About the filmmakers: 

Eric Warin and Tahir Rana teamed up for the first time to direct Charlotte (2021) after falling in love with the story of the artist. Warin previously directed the animated feature Leap (2016) and was a character designer/assistant animator on the Academy Award-nominated The Triplets of Belleville (2003). This is Rana’s feature film debut after several short films and being on the creative team for the animated television shows, Arthur and The Looney Tunes.

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