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Poster for Alienoid (2022)
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Alienoid (2022)

Opens on August 26

Director: Choi Dong-hoon Run Time: 143 min. Rating: NR Release Year: 2022

Starring: Kim Tae-ri, Kim Woo-bin, Ryu Jun-yeol, So Ji-sub, Yum Jung-ah

Country: South Korea
Language: Korean

About the film:

In medieval Korea, in the final days of the Goryeo Dynasty, two Taoist warrior-mystics—clumsy swordsman Mureuk and gunslinging Lee Ahn—strive to gain possession of a legendary holy sword. In modern times, a long-hidden secret—that extraterrestrials have been locking up alien prisoners inside living human bodies—threatens to explode into the open, causing serious problems for the enigmatic Guard and determined police detective Moon Do-seok. When a portal in time is torn open between the two moments, chaos erupts in a whirlwind of blades, bullets, brute force, and arcane fury!

About the filmmaker:

Choi Dong-hoon is one of Korean cinema’s most successful directors, with all five of his elaborate and imaginative feature films becoming box-office hits: The Big Swindle (2004), Tazza: The High Rollers (2006), Jeon Woo-chi: The Taoist Wizard (2009), The Thieves (2012), and Assassination (2015). His latest feature, the time-traveling sci-fi adventure Alienoid (2022), had its North American premiere at the 21st New York Asian Film Festival and was selected to screen at the 2022 Fantasia Film Festival.

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