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Poster for Mondays with Marty: Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (1974)
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Mondays with Marty: Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (1974)

Opens on May 20

Director: Martin Scorsese Run Time: 112 min. Rating: PG Release Year: 1974

Starring: Alfred Lutter, Diane Ladd, Ellen Burstyn, Harvey Keitel, Kris Kristofferson

Country: United States
Language: English

Mondays with Marty

The ultimate Scorsese celebration returns for our 2024 Spring Season.

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About the film:

Martin Scorcese directs Ellen Burstyn in an Academy Award-winning performance. At 32, Alice Hyatt (Burstyn) watches her dreams slipping away. Instead of a career as a singer, she has an abusive husband, an ill-mannered 12-year-old son, and a life in small-town Oklahoma. But when her husband dies in a traffic accident, Alice heads west to pursue her dreams, working as a lounge singer along the way. Life, however, never seems to go according to plan, and Alice must again face a choice between love and the career that seems as elusive as ever.

“Juggling the moods of Robert Getchell’s script with the brilliance of Godard in his prime, Scorsese flips scenes over to reveal the other side of the coin, then balances them on edge with both sides on view.”

—Thomas Milne, Sight & Sound

Made between his gritty urban crime dramas Mean Streets (1973) and Taxi Driver (1976)Scorsese’s more sensitive female story Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (1974) competed for the Palme d’Or at the 1974 Cannes Film Festival and became the basis for the long-running sitcom Alice.

About the filmmaker:

Martin Scorsese is an influential and award-winning American film director, producer, screenwriter and actor. He is the recipient of numerous accolades and honors, including the AFI Life Achievement Award in 1997, the Kennedy Center Honor in 2007, and the BAFTA Fellowship in 2012. Five of his films have been inducted into the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as “culturally, historically or aesthetically significant”—Mean Streets (1973), his Palme d’Or winner Taxi Driver (1976), concert documentary The Last Waltz (1978), Raging Bull (1980), and Goodfellas (1990). An advocate for film preservation and restoration, Scorsese founded three nonprofit organizations: the Film Foundation in 1990, the World Cinema Foundation in 2007, and the African Film Heritage Project in 2017.

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