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Poster for A Storm Foretold (2023)
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A Storm Foretold (2023)

Opens on January 12

Director: Christoffer Guldbrandsen Run Time: 90 min. Release Year: 2023

Starring: Alex Jones, Christoffer Guldbrandsen, Donald Trump, Matt Gaetz, Roger Stone

Country: Denmark
Language: English

About the film:

World Premiere, 2023 CPH:DOX

With a colossal cigar dangling from the corner of his mouth, a libation in hand, and an unmistakable disdain for his political adversaries, Roger Stone emerges as the quintessential ally to Donald Trump. Revered as a right-wing powerbroker, Stone’s influential journey traces back to the era of President Nixon, a legacy inked onto his own back. In a film marked by unparalleled access, Christoffer Guldbrandsen captures the tumultuous final months of the Trump administration, centering on the heart of power and climaxing with the unprecedented storming of Congress.

“Guldbrandsen’s gripping political portrait … captures the combination of toxicity and raffish charm, duplicity and candour that makes Stone such an influential (and to liberal minds at least) dangerous figure on the US political landscape.”

—Wendy Ide, Screen Daily

About the filmmaker:

Christoffer Guldbrandsen is a Danish documentary film director whose work is inspired by the observational style of the direct cinema movement. Trained as a journalist, his films exploring complicated subject matter have earned him the Peabody Award in the U.S. and The Danish Art Council’s Grant. His breakthrough film about the enlargement of the of the European Union, The Road to Europe (2003), created an international stir and earned Guldbrandsen a Cavling Prize nomination from the Danish Union of Journalists. His other documentaries include The President (2011)Stealing Africa (2012), and A Storm Foretold (2023). In addition to his film work, Guldbrandsen has served as CEO for The Why Foundation and Commissioning Editor and Executive Editor for DR – The Danish Broadcasting Corporation.

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