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Poster for NFF21: Thriller Shorts B

NFF21: Thriller Shorts B

Opens on October 23

Run Time: 92 min. Rating: NR

Tales of dark suspense | Presented as part of Nightmares Film Festival 2021

Parricide | Run time: 7.5 min. | Just a routine sleepover at Jeffrey’s house. 

Feed Your Muse | Run time: 16.75 min. | An aspiring novelist purchases the “muse” of a famous dead author at a garage sale. But what does the muse want in return?

Marked | Run time: 12. 5 min. | A tattoo artist is forced to confront his past when a client knows the true meaning behind his tattoos. 

Movin Day | Run time: 4 min. | When a newly engaged couple moves in together, they quickly discover some skeletons should remain in the closet.

The Other Side of Fear | Run time: 20.25 min. | An excitable woman with a rare brain condition participates in a series of bizarre experiments with two ethically compromised neurologists.

Hazel | Run time: 17.5 min. | When her partner fails to support her, a new mother’s postpartum anxiety develops into a dangerous psychosis.

A Good Couple | Run time: 13 min. | After a blowout fight, Julia’s boyfriend is perfect but eerily unrecognizable.

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