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Poster for NFF21: Recurring Nightmares Shorts B

NFF21: Recurring Nightmares Shorts B

Opens on October 23

Run Time: 60 min. Rating: NR

Audience favorites return with new shorts | Presented as part of Nightmares Film Festival

Pinky’s Dream | Run time: 9.75 min. | A traveling specialist who helps people relive memories stumbles on a couple’s dark secret.

Witches Midnight | Run time: 9 min. | A babysitter’s phone sex is interrupted when she notices something unusual on the baby monitor.

Venus | Run time: 2.25 min. | A stranger stops to help a woman stranded on the side of the road, but nothing is what it first appears.

Forgive Us | Run time: 14 min. | After years of estrangement, an embittered young man uncovers sinister threats when returning home with his boyfriend for Christmas.

Strange with Cats | Run time: 2 min. | Two lovely cats require a cat-sitter, and find just the stranger to care for them.

YouBuddy | Run time: 9 min. | Alone on her birthday, Christine searches the internet for connection.

Distance | Run time: 10.5 min. | In the near future, Peter and Amy’s relationship remains distant due to a virus that prevents human touch.

Posture | Run time: 3.25 min. | A young man has a transformative experience through his addiction to technology.

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