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Poster for NFF21: Ohio Shorts

NFF21: Ohio Shorts

Opens on October 24

Run Time: 81 min.

Locally made shorts | Presented as part of Nightmares Film Festival 2021

1Drink/2Drink | Run time: 19.5 min. | Trapped in a new world together with nothing but impending doom and a bottle of tequila, an unlikely duo must work together to stay alive, but not sober.

Surprise! | Run time: 10 min. | A surprise party drags when the guest of honor is late, until a creepy pizza delivery guy shows up with strangely intimate knowledge of the guests.

Block Universe | Run time: 5 min. | After a bout of insomnia, a man has trouble deciphering what is real and what isn’t.

The Lost Clan of Bold Maneuvering | Run time: 4.5 min. | An innocent in a strange world is lured by the god-moon to find and release an ancient power.

Triangle | Run time: 24.5 min. | I don’t want to be the last man on earth. 

My Monster and Me | Run time: 11 min. | A match made in haste.

Le Carceri Uncanny | Run time: 5. 75 min. | A repressed human powers a machine in a forgotten underground space where a light above becomes hope for escape.

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