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Poster for NFF21: Midnight Shorts C

NFF21: Midnight Shorts C

Opens on October 21

Run Time: 90 min. Rating: NR

Tales of the Weird and Bizarre | Presented as part of Nightmares Film Festival 2021

A Machine for Boredom | Run time: 3.25 min. | Isolation drives a man to rethink his position within a capitalistic society.

My Dinner with Werner | Run time: 18 min. |Inspired by the real-life “friendship” between Werner Herzog and actor Klaus Kinski. A wildly bizarre story about a 1987 dinner date with a murder plot as the main dish.

#MEOWTOO | Run time: 6 min. |In the neon-drenched near future, anthropomorphic feline heroine Meow meets a sleazy film producer who intends to have her at any cost. 

Squish | Run time: 20 min. | Left to take care of their son while his husband goes on a work trip, Tom takes a wrong turn behind the wheel.

Kiss the Cook | Run time: 2 min. | A disturbed man prepares a gourmet feast.

My Brother Jeffery | Run time: 10 min. | Duke fights ghosts, witches, demons and depression in order to avenge his brother Jeffrey’s death.

Fruit Loops | Run time: 9.25 min. |An exploration of deep desire. 

Dystopia | Run time: 6.75 min. | A young girl’s fantasy becomes the playground for a gang of women set to create the perfect man, one limb at a time. 

Deep Learning | Run time: 14. 5 min. | There’s something wrong with Moira’s videos.

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