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Poster for NFF21: Horror Comedy Shorts B

NFF21: Horror Comedy Shorts B

Opens on October 23

Run Time: 95 min.

Tales of terror, death, and humor | Presented as part of Nightmares Film Festival 2021

Guts | Run time: 8 min. | A guy with his guts on the outside of his body really wants a promotion.

Afterlife | Run time: 14.75 min. | A dead man wakes to discover he’s a vampire, only to struggle to follow through with his dreams of escape.

Bitch, You Thirsty | Run time: 9.75 min. | A girl will do anything in order to be a part of a small vampire clique.

Peter the Penguin | Run time: 9 min. | Nigel is on his way to meet his partner’s daughter Emily for the first time and he hopes to make a big impression.

The Curse of Pizza Mike | Run time: 16.25 min. | After a couple refuses a pizza they didn’t order, Pizza Mike uses his dark magic to terrorize them.

Lethalogica | Run time: 6 min. | Relationships can be killer, but the best advice for a successful one is patience and a short memory.

The Tip of the Spear | Run time: 11.25 min. | Starting a family in their new home, a couple discovers their neighbors are goat-sacrificing occultists after their unborn child.

Special Delivery | Run time: 3 min. | A delivery driver struggles with one simple direction: DO. NOT. OPEN.

Visitors | Run time: 16.25 min. | Three friends visit their bandmate at home after he loses contact with them. But his behavior is a little strange.

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