crime, drama | NR | 1hr 41min

Opening at GFC: 03/15/2019

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March 20th 2019

March 21st 2019


Set in '70s Kingston and '80s Hackney (a neighborhood in London with a large Jamaican community), YARDIE, based on the best-selling novel by Victor Headley, centers on the intertwined worlds of Jamaican narcotics syndicates and the music industry, following a young courier named D (Aml Ameen, THE MAZE RUNNER) to London where he seeks revenge for his brother's murder and reunites with his estranged girlfiend and child.

Idris Elba (BEASTS OF NO NATION) makes his directorial debut with YARDIE.


Antwayne Eccleston, Fraser James, Aml Ameen

Directed By:

Idris Elba

Written By:

Brock Norman Brock (screenplay), Martin Stellman (screenplay)

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