This Ones for the Ladies

documentary | NC-17 | 1hr 22min

Opening at GFC: 06/21/2019

Upcoming Showtimes:
June 24th 2019

June 25th 2019

June 26th 2019


Every Thursday Night hundreds of women gather for a potluck celebration and the chance to throw singles at the hottest dancers in New Jersey, The Nasty Boyz - featuring Satan, Mr. Capable, Fever, Young Rider and lesbian 'dom' dancer Blaze. THIS ONE'S FOR THE LADIES isn't just about the tips or the dancing. It's a heartwarming story of friendship and the resilience that comes from the community. Hilarious, eye-opening, and breathtakingly sexy, THIS ONE'S FOR THE LADIES is a virtual how-to guide for letting go of your troubles and having a good time.


Michele Moore, Poundcake, Terrill Ross

Directed By:

Gene Graham

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