Reports on Sarah and Saleem, The

crime, drama | NR | 2hr 07min

Opening at GFC: 07/19/2019

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This engrossing psychosocial drama begins when a casual love affair between an Israeli woman and a Palestinian man is exploited by the security forces of a divided Jerusalem, leading to a series of dangerous lies that could turn their illicit relationship into a political crisis.

In the engrossing, ambitious follow up to his impressive debut (LOVE, THEFT, AND OTHER ENTANGLEMENTS), director Muayad Alayan continues his exploration of intimate relationships constrained by their political contexts. In this case that context is Jerusalem, a city deeply divided along religious and ethnic lines.


Maisa Abd Elhadi, Mohammad Eid, Kamel El Basha

Directed By:

Muayad Alayan

Written By:

Rami Musa Alayan

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