NFF: Recurring Nightmares B

horror | NR

Opening at GFC: 10/27/2019

Nightmares Film Festival

Upcoming Showtimes:
October 27th 2019


NOCTURNE | 12 minutes | After her date night goes bust, Erin must contend with an unexpected visitor at the door.

WASHED | 9 minutes | In this stop-motion horror short, a couple enlists the aid of a mysterious figure to help them with their seemingly insurmountable laundry problem. 

RE-HOME | 7 minutes | In a too-possible near future, the southern border is closed and loved ones are rehomed like pets. 

NEIGHBORLIES | 5 minutes | A clan of mischievous kids targets a young woman after she berates them for walking through her yard.

LET ME PLAY | 9.5 minutes | A young brother and sister argue about a presence in their grandmother's house that might be all too real.

MOMMA, DON'T GO | 5.5 minutes | A mother and daughter struggle to survive a deadly home invasion.

ABI | 10 minutes | Vincent Forrester's biological computer prototype could change the world, but when a virus in the system infects his lab assistant, Abi, it could mean his death.

PARRISH | 5 minutes | Things take an unexpected turn when a desperate hitchhiker accepts a ride from an unusual young man.

INDOLENCE | 8.5 minutes | Sarah's demands to be waited on in bed for her birthday attract the attention of a sloth demon.

FUSED | 18 minutes | A young woman with a rare condition believes she is responsible for several murders.

ALWAYS LISTENING | 5.5 minutes | A woman is terrorized by bizarre phenomenon emanating from her phone.

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