NFF: Ohio Shorts A

horror | NR

Opening at GFC: 10/26/2019

Nightmares Film Festival

Upcoming Showtimes:
October 26th 2019


FORGIVE ME | 7 minutes | A woman follows her boyfriend into the woods for a romantic surprise, only to find something far more sinister. 

UNKNOWN NUMBER | 13 minutes | As she's about to start piecing her life back together, a young woman is haunted by a phone call.

LOOK TWICE | 8 minutes | A guard on the graveyard shift discovers an intruder on the grounds that may not be human..

WHERE THE SHADOWS FALL | 9 minutes | After being caught kidnapping a woman, a murdering psychopath hunts down a photographer to silence the loose end.  

DRAINAGE | 10 minutes | An adrift hiker loses her brother and must pursue him down a dark passageway.

WINTER'S BLOOD | 4 minutes | After being pursued through the snow by a masked stranger, a woman becomes entangled in a dark year-end ritual.

MADNESS' BY BLACK LIQUID | 5 minutes | A troubled artist running from his inner demons finds that more than his sanity may be at stake.

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