NFF: Midnight Shorts A

horror | NR

Opening at GFC: 10/25/2019

Nightmares Film Festival

Upcoming Showtimes:
October 25th 2019


VR FOOD | 13 minutes | Inventors stalk a filmmaker when they mistake a short film, "VR Food," as competition.

ADAMS | 20 minutes | Two neighbors get locked in an escalating conflict that spirals out of control.

HOT DOG | 7 minutes | In the crime capital of the world, an LAPD officer descends into bizarro madness.

EXISTENTIAL DONUT | 14 minutes | A man having a mental break goes on an adventure to help a donut find its hole. 

BENNIFER | 13 minutes | Jed returns home to discover his family isn't how he remembered it.

VALERIO'S DAY OUT | 8.5 minutes | After a killing spree, a jaguar makes a video diary for his significant other.

DEMONS | 9 minutes | A young woman facing the shock of a toxic relationship recounts the tale of how she developed an unusual quality: menstrual blood that's corrosive to everything but her own body.

CURED | 15.5 minutes | Afflicted by a bizarre disease that forces them to dance nonstop, a couple must decide whether to share the strange cure they've discovered.


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