NFF: Horror Shorts D

horror | NR

Opening at GFC: 10/26/2019

Nightmares Film Festival

Upcoming Showtimes:
October 26th 2019


ASIAN SHE - COMPETITIVE MOURNING | 4 minutes | A man stalks his prey on the streets of Los Angeles, but his newest target may be his last.

I LEARNED HOW TO DRIVE AT THE END OF THE WORLD | 12 minutes | On day zero of the zombie apocalypse, a newly-married woman finally learns to drive.

SHE FELL | 8 minutes | A man with a secret brings his battered girlfriend in to the hospital, where a creature known as "Butterface" lurks.

SONGS MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME | 13 minutes | At a Halloween party with friends, a brother and sister must confront echoes of their mother's death.

ATTENTION | 3 minutes | Demons feed on attention. You must ignore them.

MJ | 13 minutes | Trying to find acceptance and purpose in an alienating world, an unhinged young woman develops a violent addiction to social media. 

TAGGED | 2.5 minutes | Something in the shadows is getting tagged in this photo.

FERINE | 17 minutes | A feral woman makes a pilgrimage to town to expand and sustain her family.

A DOLL DISTORTED | 16 minutes | A lonely woman with a pathological fear of touch is tormented by the synthetic love doll she orders online.

THE THIRD HAND | 10  minutes | An office drone encounters a secret room, where he may discover his wildest dreams -- or his worst nightmares.

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