NFF: Horror Shorts B

horror | NR

Opening at GFC: 10/25/2019

Nightmares Film Festival

Upcoming Showtimes:
October 25th 2019


STEVE AND THE DEAD GIRL | 12 minutes | A necrophiliac looks for love amongst the living. 

CREAKER | 4 minutes | A girl is awakened in the middle of the night when her bedroom door slowly creaks open.

SHE MUST VANISH | 14 minutes | Residents in a seaside town succumb to the malevolence of a witch, who sets a fury in motion.

INFERNO | 7 minutes | Trapped in a dingy motel room by something monstrous, a woman fights for her life by any means necessary.

PIGGY | 14 minutes | After being bullied at the pool, an overweight teen must get home wearing nothing but her bikini. 

LIPPY | 5 minutes | Two girls enter an underground world of strange forfeits and grisly demands when they are caught stealing lipstick testers.

A-SYMMETRY | 14 minutes | An obsessive serial killer's world turns awry when a victim's tormented husband lands on his doorstep.

THE BURDEN | 17 minutes |  A new girlfriend makes the trek home to meet her boyfriend's family, who is harboring a terrible secret.

DESTROYER OF WORLDS | 11.5 minutes | After they summon a vengeance demon through ritual sacrifice, a disaffected couple is pulled into an unfolding nightmare of their own making.

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