NFF: Horror Shorts A

horror | NR

Opening at GFC: 10/25/2019

Nightmares Film Festival

Upcoming Showtimes:
October 25th 2019


BOO | 15 minutes | An assault puts an addict face to face with her demons.

TO ENTER YOU MUST | 24 minutes | Serial killer Phoebe will do anything to enter a secret society. 

MELODY | 12 minutes | After a group of strangers wreak havoc on everything she holds dear, a young girl sets out for bloody revenge.

TRUST ME: A WITNESS ACCOUNT OF THE GOATMAN |10.5 minutes | A woman follows her boyfriend into the woods for a romantic surprise only to find something far more sinister. 

THE TATTOOIST | 2 minutes | A tattooist has dark plans for those he works on. 

IN SOUND, WE LIVE FOREVER | 12 minutes | Something bad has(is) happened(happening).

ATOMIC ED | 18.5 minutes | Bullied tinkerer Ed must defend himself when a gang blames him for their member's death. 

OFF FLEEK | 6 minutes | A body-shamed teen takes drastic action with disastrous consequences for herself and her family.

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