NFF: Horror Comedy Shorts B

comedy, horror | NR

Opening at GFC: 10/26/2019

Nightmares Film Festival

Upcoming Showtimes:
October 26th 2019


INFLATIO | 10 minutes | After waking up to find himself kidnapped, bound and gagged, a man must face his captor's vengeful designs.

POSSESSIONS | 18 minutes | After he decides to sell all his things and make a documentary about it, Zeke discovers some thing are impossible to let go of.

ZEBRA | 5 minutes | A supermodel, tapioca pudding and two blood-spattered old ladies collide. 

WE GOT A MONKEY'S PAW | 8.5 minutes | When odd couple roommates wish on a monkey's paw. They find themselves trying to undo the cataclysmic series of events they've set off.

HALF-COCKED | 15.5 minutes | Two brilliant yet shortsighted scientists find themselves ill-prepared when the experiment of their lives goes horribly right.

WE FOLLOW YOU | 6.5 minutes | A famed influencer tries to escape her followers after the government conducts a nationwide social media shutdown. 

GHOST TURD | 15 minutes | A mini-anthology featuring three tales of the Ghost Turd. 

REUNION | 8.5 minutes | A woman visiting friends she hasn't seen in 10 years begins to think may have become serial killers.

SHHHH | 13 minutes | Whatever you do, don't wake the baby.

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