horror, mystery, thriller | NR | 1hr 10min

Opening at GFC: 08/02/2019

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Taxi driver Luz enters a brightly lit but mostly deserted police station at night. Simultaneously, Nora is at a local bar attempting to seduce psychotherapist Dr. Rossini, telling the story of how her girlfriend jumped out of a moving taxi. As the conversation and sexual tension swells, Nora shares not only her connection to Luz, but the dark secrets of their past, making it increasingly clear that something evil is stalking Luz. It’s when we return to Luz’s interrogation that things quickly spiral out of control into a menacing and at times surreal series of events.

LUZ, the first feature film from writer and director Tilman Singer, brings to mind the works of Lucio Fulci and Andrzej Zulawski with its ethereal and eerie staging, crossed with a darkly angelic electronic soundtrack that bleats with ‘80s saxophones.


Johannes Benecke, Jan Bluthardt, Lilli Lorenz

Directed By:

Tilman Singer

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