Light Of My Life

drama, thriller | R | 1hr 59min

Opening at GFC: 08/09/2019

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A father tells his child a story. It is evening, and they are lying in a tent in the middle of the forest. What at first glance appears idyllic turns out to be an exceptional situation: in this post-pandemic world, the father is doing everything in his power to protect Rag. When the exhausted pair is taken in by three old men, danger seems to be averted, and perhaps a home and surrogate family has been identified. But this is a desperate and violent world, and the small measure of peace the parent and child find is soon lost.

With LIGHT OF MY LIFE, director/writer Casey Affleck, who also plays the father, presents his second directorial work based on his own script. In this mixture of a survival drama and coming-of-age story, he unfolds a dystopian family tale.


Elisabeth Moss, Casey Affleck, Anna Pniowsky

Directed By:

Casey Affleck

Written By:

Casey Affleck

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