Garry Winogrand: All Things Are Photographable

documentary | NR | 1hr 30min

Opening at GFC: 11/30/2018

Only at GFC

Upcoming Showtimes:
December 6th 2018

Showtimes TBA. Check back soon!


“What is a photograph?” Garry Winogrand (1928-1984) asks in his iconic, gravelly Bronx accent. Winogrand was a compulsive street photographer (although he hated that term), working for decades in NYC, then in Texas and California, to create a huge body of work (hundreds of thousands of images taken with his 35mm Leica) that comprise an encyclopedic portrait of America. During his lifetime he was celebrated and reviled and then more-or-less forgotten after his untimely death at age 56. Writes Jennifer Szalai in The New York Times: “(Winogrand) captured the fallout from the midcentury American moment – those few decades from the 1950s on, when placid, middle-class prosperity started to give way to something less affluent, more fragmented and harder to define.”


Geoff Dyer, Jeffrey Fraenkel, Susan Kismaric 

Directed By:

 Sasha Waters Freyer

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